• Family Photos with Newborn and Older Siblings

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

+ What are the steps involved in being photographed?

The first step is letting us know about you! We want to learn about you, your children and what makes your family unique. We then capture your family in a series of beautiful images, styled in a fun, editorial environment. The final step is an in-person ordering meeting with your photographer. You will have many beautiful products to choose from, and we love helping you to create the perfect collections. What better way to make your house a home than with a one of a kind art piece featuring your greatest work of art...your family!

+ How long do the sessions take?

Our sessions take approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on the age and needs of your children. Newborns take approximately two hours with feedings and changes. We photograph for as long as it takes to get fabulous images of your children.

+ Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we operate by appointment only. This ensures a dedicated time for your family without feeling rushed.

+ How far in advance do you book up?

During busier months you can expect to wait several weeks for a weekday opening, several months for weekends - therefore if you know you want to come in during a certain time it's best to book sooner than later.

+ What makes little nest so different?

At Little Nest, we offer a fresh approach to children's portraiture; a complete boutique portrait experience with three main unique characteristics from a traditional photo studio. First, we delight in creating the highest quality images that not just show what your family looks like, but reveal who they are in photos. Our sessions take place in a comfortable studio environment providing a luxury boutique experience. Finally, our portrait designers have years of professional experience and are specialists in both interior design as well as photography.

The Photo Session

+ How should I prepare for the session?

It's so important to schedule the session around your children's best time of day, being realistic about naptimes and eating schedules. Please don't try a new schedule before your session, as tired or hungry children are rarely 'themselves' while being photographed. It's also best not bribe your children, because that will shorten their attention span with the photographer. They will keep asking for the session to end so they get their treat! Let your children know that they are going to an exciting new place to hang out with some really fun people. We celebrate their true personalities by playing together and having a great time.

+ What should I bring to the session?

You are welcome to bring a few different outfits, snacks and/or bottles, and an ipod with your children's favorite music. Otherwise just your kids and their happy selves is perfect.

+ What if my children are "off" that day?

In our experience, children tend to be "off" if they stayed up too late the night before, if they are hungry, or if a session is scheduled during naptime. If your child is just having a rough day for whatever reason, we will reschedule the session once at no charge in order to ensure you have total satisfaction with the images you receive.

+ How should I dress my family?

So glad you asked! Enjoy our clothing guide by clicking here.

+ Can I bring additional members to the session?

The pricing for your session includes up to five members of an immediate family. You are welcome to add in additional family members for $25 each. We do not recommend bringing family members or nannies to assist during the session, as the only direction provided during the session should come from the photographer.

+ Can I go shopping and leave my kids with you?

Yes! Please feel free to make phone calls, catch up on your reading and have a cup of coffee in our lounge. Our photographers are experienced with children and are comfortable keeping an eye on them during the session.

+ What kind of props do you use?

Our studios aren't stocked with props... They are editorially styled with interesting materials, textures, fabrics, modern furniture and antique objects. Our goal is for a more homey, editorial look in the studio. We also have on hand extensive fabrics, blankets, and unique objects for our newborn sessions.

+ When do I see the photos and how many should I expect?

You will receive a slideshow two days before your ordering meeting, and you will see approximately 25-30 edited images as a result of your session.

+ What should I bring to the ordering meeting?

Please bring measurements of any spaces in your home you would like to place your artwork, as well as photographs of the spaces you are thinking of displaying the images.

+ How much should I expect to invest?

We specialize in custom, unique fine art wall and album collections for your home. We are more than happy to assist you in choosing the very best items for your family and lifestyle. We can create any type of custom package for our guests, and our most popular option is our signature package which is $495 and includes a piece of signature wall art (11x14) and five (5) digital files.

+ How should I care for my portraits?

Please try to keep your artwork away from direct exposure to sunlight or fluorescent fixtures as ultraviolet rays could destroy dyes used in finishing the portraits. Periodically wiping the portrait with a dry cloth will help in removing dust and other foreign objects from the portrait. Smile at your artwork daily for the best results.

Heirloom Membership

+ How does the Heirloom Membership work?

We know what it's like for your children to transform right before your eyes. Time flies and we're here to help you slow it down by making it easy to document your family throughout the year. Little Nest offers two plans for our Heirloom Membership, one is pre-paid and one is monthly, so that you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

+ Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely! Any payments made would apply to a retail or product purchase at our standard retail prices. Or, if you are moving, you can transfer to a Little Nest near your new house!

+ Who gets to attend member events?

PhotoPOP attendance and member events are complimentary to all Heirloom Members. Guests outside of immediate family must pay an attendance fee.

Classes + Workshops

+ What kind of camera should I bring to the camera class?

Our camera classes offer instruction for DSLR digital cameras. How do you know if you have one? If the lens can come off the front (meaning it's interchangeable) it's a DSLR!

+ What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the custom nature of our studio, registration fees are non-refundable. Registration cancellations made at least 72 hours in advance of a workshop will be granted a credit for a future workshop.

Due to staffing, we reserve the right to cancel workshops if attendance is below 4 attendees.

+ Is there an age limit to the workshop?

Due to the tools used, infants and children under the age of 16 are not permitted in any of our Studios while a workshop is being held unless the workshop is specifically for children. If a participant brings an infant or child without permission from the studio, they will be asked to reschedule for a different workshop when they can attend ‘child’ free and enjoy the educational experience fully.

For children under the age of 16, we do offer the ability to book private children or teens parties! Contact your local studio for more information

+ What is your policy regarding saftey?

By signing up, you understand you will be exposed to various crafting tools during Little Nest Studios workshops. You assume full responsibility for personal injury to myself. You also further agree to release and discharge Little Nest Studios for any injury, loss or damage that may arise out of my participation in Little Nest Studios workshops or my presence in Little Nest Studios facilities.

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