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Little Nest Studios is more than just a place to have your photos taken — it’s a way of connecting us together though photography. We craft our favorite images while sharing the stories of those moments. We develop deeper relationships with one another through powerful imagery that tells the story of our families. We give expectant parents a place to feel loved, cared for and celebrated. We are huggers, and embrace a life well loved.

Learn more about our meaningful guest stories, our warm, welcoming studios, and our member communities below.

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Rebecca Fox Starr is a recognized author, featured writer, blogger, and most importantly mother. I will be honest, when interviewing Rebecca, I wasn’t sure how to approach this story. I cannot relate. I’ve never walked in her shoes. Within minutes, she had me laughing and at ease. I found that I don’t have to walk in her shoes to understand her story. I immediately felt how warm, honest and energetic she was. I could not believe this was the same woman who just a few years ago, battled with postpartum depression. The passion in her voice and her story is captivating. She brings you right into her story, and she’s not shy about any of it. The truth can be a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is real. My time with Rebecca was inspiring. Below is her story, her truth. - Priscilla

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If you’re on the fence about doing a maternity shoot for whatever reason, we say “do it”! You may be basking in the glow of pregnancy or sweating profusely in pregnancy ailments- either way, it’s important to document the beauty of what’s happening in your body and in your life. And just for the occasion, we’ve put together some tips on how to nail that maternity shoot the first time.

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Keeping Memories Alive with Little Nest Portraits Intro to DSLR Camera Class

Lorie is a client of Little Nest Portraits who, like many moms, wanted to learn how to capture every day moments of her children with her own camera. With the help of our DSLR camera class, Lorie learned how to capture special moments and and keep memories alive for her children. She shared her experience with me and some personal photos she took after the class - Priscilla

I’ve known Laura for many years and have been coming to Little Nest since my oldest daughter was born. When Laura posted on Facebook that she was teaching an Intro to DSLR camera class, I was intrigued because it was being taught by Laura and I’ve always been a huge fan of her work.

Photography for me is huge and so important. When Little Nest announced that they were offering the DSLR photography class, I jumped on it because I love photography, but I haven’t had much time to expand on my knowledge on how to use my own camera.

At the beginning of class, before we even took our...

DIY photo workshop

Many of us keep our cherished photos saved on our phones. From large family events to just a day in the park, we're constantly capturing moments with the ones who matter most. At our family portrait studio, we want to help you bring these photos to life! We're now offering unique, hands-on workshops where you can learn how to turn your favorite photos into creative keepsakes to display in your home for years to come. Read on to learn more about this program, and sign up today!

About our Workshops

We developed our DIY workshops to provide our clients with a hands-on experience that will transform favorite memories into something tangible. The possibilities are endless -- images can be of anything that is sentimental to you: gorgeous scenery, a family photo, or a picture of your beloved pet. Simply choose a workshop from our course schedule and we'll see you in class! When you arrive at our class with your smartphone, we will help you select the pictures that will print the best, and our step-by-step instructions make it easy for people of all ages to...

Turn iPhone Pictures into Prints

How Little Nest Portraits Helped Me Turn My Imperfect Picture into a Perfect Piece of Art

Liz is a longtime client of Little Nest Portraits and on a girls day out, learned how to capture moments of her children but more importantly, discovered how perspective uncovered the beauty of a once-in-a-lifetime memory. She shared with me her beautiful story below. - Priscilla

For 11 years, I’ve been walking through the doors of Little Nest for professional pictures of my family and children. One of my favorite things about Little Nest is walking through the doors of the adorable studio knowing that I can come there and capture a moment in time at that stage of my children’s lives. I have a gallery wall at home and I love that no matter which photographer we see, the quality is consistent so I’m able to easily swap out photos on my wall. The photographers are really great with my kids and they freeze moments in time that every mom wants to remember and hold onto.

A couple of weeks ago, I came back to try something new. This time, when I walked through the...

Personal Headshots

Whether you're a new entrepreneur or established business owner, beautiful, high-quality photos are necessary to captivate your audience online. By having professional photos of your team and business, potential customers can put a face with your name, and your online profiles can better communicate your personal brand.

At Little Nest Portraits, we understand how important it is to have access to quality professional images of yourself when the need arises. Read on to see just a few reasons to sign up for our New Year, New You special today, and improve your personal brand in 2018!

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As the holiday season approaches, many families are considering getting Christmas cards made to spread holiday cheer to friends and family. However, recent trends have seen a shift toward the increasing popularity of New Year's cards versus the traditional Christmas cards that families have been creating for generations. Take a look at the following benefits that New Year cards have to offer.

Christmas Card White Background

Sending out family photos during the holiday season is a wonderful way to reconnect with distant loved ones and friends spread across the globe. Taking photos that are worth sending, however, requires a little more care and thought than simply booking the first photographer you find online and trying to schedule an appointment the day before Christmas. By avoiding a few holiday photo mistakes, you can take stunning, one-of-a-kind family photos that capture your family’s unique love. Read on to learn more!

Newborn Photography Ideas Girl

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most exciting, nerve-racking, beautiful experiences in life, and one that you'll remember forever. If you're searching for a newborn photographer to help capture this memory, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your newborn photographs are not only stunning, but that your baby is safe and comfortable throughout the process. Keep reading to see three things to look for in order to find the best newborn photography studio.

Modern Family Portrait Ideas

Before you know it, another year with your family will have passed. Another year of watching your loved ones grow bigger and better. Where does the time go? Thankfully, family portraits allow parents to capture a year's worth of smiles in one picture. Whether kept between pages in a photo album or displayed on the wall, family portraits are perfect for containing cherished memories as the years fly by.

At Little Nest, we love capturing families in their truest form, but also understand how hectic, busy and stressful parenting can be. You're busy taking your children to school and sports practices, making healthy meals, and trying to raise them in the best way you can so that their academic, emotional, nutritional, and physical needs are met. Phew!

We understand that going to get a family portrait may not be high up on your to-do list. However, there are still many reasons to not forgo this yearly task.


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