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Do you want to learn how to use your fancy camera? Lorie shares her experience at Photo School

Keeping Memories Alive with Little Nest Portraits Intro to DSLR Camera Class

Lorie is a client of Little Nest Portraits who, like many moms, wanted to learn how to capture every day moments of her children with her own camera. With the help of our DSLR camera class, Lorie learned how to capture special moments and and keep memories alive for her children. She shared her experience with me and some personal photos she took after the class - Priscilla

I’ve known Laura for many years and have been coming to Little Nest since my oldest daughter was born. When Laura posted on Facebook that she was teaching an Intro to DSLR camera class, I was intrigued because it was being taught by Laura and I’ve always been a huge fan of her work.

Photography for me is huge and so important. When Little Nest announced that they were offering the DSLR photography class, I jumped on it because I love photography, but I haven’t had much time to expand on my knowledge on how to use my own camera.

At the beginning of class, before we even took our cameras out, Laura asked us what our “why” was for taking this class. For me, I feel like I don’t have as good of a memory about certain times in my life, but when I see a photo, it brings everything back for me. It brings me back to that moment. All my senses come back - the smells, the feelings, the moment. I think my love for photography goes back to my mother. She loved to take photos of all of us when we were little. I can go back to photos from when I was a small child and remember things that I would never remember otherwise. It brings me right back to that very day and that exact moment. I want my children to remember the special moments in their lives and although Little Nest takes beautiful pictures of my kids, I won’t always have a professional photographer with me and I wanted to learn how to capture moments of my kids on vacation, on their birthdays, or just playing outside.

I’m a very visual learner so going to the class and being hands-on was huge for me. It was the best class I’ve ever taken. We were all there with our cameras out and ready to learn. It was so much easier to learn something hands-on rather than reading about it on a blog. Another member in class had a similar camera as me, so that really helped us to find functions on our camera together. Even though I took a photography class in college with film, digital cameras are not like the old film cameras. The concepts are the same, but there are more buttons on the digital cameras and I wasn’t sure what they were or what they did. They are much more complex.

My biggest challenge before the class was figuring out how to focus. There were times when I’d take photos of my daughter and when I looked at the picture, she was blurry and someone else’s daughter was in focus. It was so disappointing because I have this amazing camera and lenses but couldn’t nail the focus. Figuring out how to focus and recompose was huge. Another a-ha! moment came from a tip about how to understand aperture. The idea of thinking about aperture as the number of blades covering the hole made so much sense and I finally got it! Focus and aperture were my two biggest take aways.

My favorite part of class was having interaction and trying the exercise with the spinning pinwheels to see if we could freeze the motion. Being paired up with others who were learning was a lot of fun and it was great figuring out the exercises together. I had so much fun and learned so much, that I’m going to recommend this class for my sister and my mom. They will love it!

Since the class, I’ve been practicing by taking pictures of my daughter and they have been turning out beautifully! I’m hooked! If I ever get frustrated, I just remember what Laura told us in class. “If you get frustrated during this learning process, try to remember your ‘why’ and the reason you wanted to learn this in the first place.” Knowing how to capture moments for my family to remember together has brought the joy back in taking photos and I can’t wait to keep the memories alive.

Below are some recent photos that I took after class of my youngest daughter, celebrating her 10 months.

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Come and join us at Photo School! To register for a DSLR camera class near you, contact your nearest Little Nest studio.

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