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Many of us keep our cherished photos saved on our phones. From large family events to just a day in the park, we're constantly capturing moments with the ones who matter most. At our family portrait studio, we want to help you bring these photos to life! We're now offering unique, hands-on workshops where you can learn how to turn your favorite photos into creative keepsakes to display in your home for years to come. Read on to learn more about this program, and sign up today!

About our Workshops

We developed our DIY workshops to provide our clients with a hands-on experience that will transform favorite memories into something tangible. The possibilities are endless -- images can be of anything that is sentimental to you: gorgeous scenery, a family photo, or a picture of your beloved pet. Simply choose a workshop from our course schedule and we'll see you in class! When you arrive at our class with your smartphone, we will help you select the pictures that will print the best, and our step-by-step instructions make it easy for people of all ages to complete this project. During our workshop, we'll teach you some professional editing tips, and provide you with the materials you will need to create a decorative photo display -- including foil text overlays to add a beautiful, finishing touch.

We'll even have themed events, such as a Valentine's Day crafting workshop (complete with sweet treats, of course!). Bring in your spouse or child for a unique holiday activity. Whether you choose to display your finished piece in your home or choose to give this meaningful gift to someone special, you and your loved ones will be reminded of these special moments, all while having fun!

Whether you come alone and meet new friends at the studio, or invite your closest friends for a unique girls-night-out, our workshops are a great way to meet others in our community. You can even bring along your favorite beverage to sip to get your creative juices flowing!

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Our goal with these new workshops is to share our passion for photography with our clients, all while providing a therapeutic, hands-on activity that everyone can enjoy. Let us help you create a beautiful work of art from your favorite photo!

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