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Liz's DIY Workshop Experience

How Little Nest Portraits Helped Me Turn My Imperfect Picture into a Perfect Piece of Art

Liz is a longtime client of Little Nest Portraits and on a girls day out, learned how to capture moments of her children but more importantly, discovered how perspective uncovered the beauty of a once-in-a-lifetime memory. She shared with me her beautiful story below. - Priscilla

For 11 years, I’ve been walking through the doors of Little Nest for professional pictures of my family and children. One of my favorite things about Little Nest is walking through the doors of the adorable studio knowing that I can come there and capture a moment in time at that stage of my children’s lives. I have a gallery wall at home and I love that no matter which photographer we see, the quality is consistent so I’m able to easily swap out photos on my wall. The photographers are really great with my kids and they freeze moments in time that every mom wants to remember and hold onto.

A couple of weeks ago, I came back to try something new. This time, when I walked through the doors, it was for something I wanted to do for me. I wanted to learn to take better pictures of my kids. I never thought I could take the pictures myself and Laura taught me how to capture every day moments of my kids and family with just my iPhone. She taught us that we don’t need professional cameras to capture those every day moments at home, or on vacation, or even just baking cookies in the kitchen with your kids. The best camera is sometimes the one you have, and I was excited to learn new iPhone tricks to take great pictures. I didn’t even know you could do some of the tricks she taught us and was amazed!

When I saw the invite for the DIY workshop, I immediately invited my girlfriends. It was a great girls day out to bond and have fun! It was so nice to get away from the kids, sip on mimosas, learn, and enjoy doing something fun and crafty just for us.

After we learned how take great pictures with our iPhones, we each chose a favorite photo from our phones to print and mount onto wood. There was a picture I had in mind that I always came back to over the years, but never thought it was good enough to print for my home.

It was a photo of my daughter Lia holding her baby brother James for the first time. I remember that day so clearly. James came 2 weeks early and was born on Christmas Eve. I remember the joy and chaos of that day, trying to plan Christmas for a 5 year old, but also being so overwhelmed with joy that we now had 2 beautiful children. I just remember thinking how cute they looked and I’m so grateful that someone captured that once-in-a-lifetime moment of a sister meeting her little brother for the first time. The moment was perfect.

While the moment was perfect, I was hesitant to print the picture because to me, the picture wasn’t perfect. I was distracted by the hospital background and my eye was drawn to the imperfections. In the workshop, when Laura suggested changing the picture to black and white, it instantly changed. Now all I could see was James’s cute baby face and Lia holding him so proudly. Converting it to black and white changed the whole feeling of the photo and I didn’t notice the hospital anymore. It was a much more intimate moment.

I’m so glad I finally printed that photo. I realized I was looking for the wrong thing all along. I was looking for something that looked perfect, but really, the moment was perfect. All the memories and feelings of that day come rushing back every time I look at it.

I’m so glad that I decided to take this class. My favorite part was choosing a photo that meant so much to me and turning it into a piece of art. It was a great day of fun for us girls and I learned so much. Little Nest has always captured amazing moments of my children, but this time, they helped me to turn an already captured moment into a piece of art that I am so proud to say that I did on my own.

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