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Tips for Nailing the Maternity Photoshoot

If you’re on the fence about doing a maternity shoot for whatever reason, we say “do it”! You may be basking in the glow of pregnancy or sweating profusely in pregnancy ailments- either way, it’s important to document the beauty of what’s happening in your body and in your life. And just for the occasion, we’ve put together some tips on how to nail that maternity shoot the first time.

Pick Your Look

The whole reason for the shoot is to show off your pregnant bump, so pick something that is more body conscious to hug your curves. Even if it’s something you wouldn’t wear everyday, choose it for the shoot. We suggest a cotton-based dress one that you can wear when you’re pregnant or not. This allows you to take before pregnancy pics along with bump pics each month in the same look. You can create a cool side by side image later showing your progress. Try the Knock Out Maternity Dress from our collection. It’ll do the trick for the shoot and for a desk to dinner look later on. Bring along a pair of heels to put on while on set. Heels help you stand up straighter, give you a bit more confidence, and lifts your bum. Keep your accessories minimal, since you already have a pretty great one already built in, your bump!

Prepare Your Skin

If you’re thinking about baring your pregnant belly (or not) for a photoshoot, do a pregnancy safe sugar scrub a week before and lather on that coconut oil like it’s going out of style. Even if it’s hidden beneath clothes, a little self-care comes through in confidence. Since pregnant skin can be more sensitive than pre-pregnancy, always do a test area before using a product. Basq skincare has some awesome products for pregnant skin and side effects, too.

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Shout out to Pinterest here! There you’ll find a zillion maternity photoshoots so look at these for inspiration. Try them at home in a mirror for yourself and take a selfie to see which ones are the keepers. We always always recommend a great laughing pose from the side. Not only does it show off your silhouette, but it captures your true personality. Insider’s tip- to laugh, just think about how you ‘peezed’ aka sneezed & peed accidentally on the way to the shoot. Thanks for the bladder pressure, babe.

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When you first get to the set, chat with the photographer. Make sure they understand your personality and what you hope to get from the shoot. Alternatively, listen to their advice. They know the right angles and lighting so something that may feel awkward to you may look just stunning in the photo. It’s mutual trust so spending just that 5 minutes before a shoot chatting it up is the best way to kick it off right. Little Nest has some of the best photographers to help calm any nerves and get an amazing result. You’ll be in good hands.

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