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Why New Years Cards Are Becoming More Popular

As the holiday season approaches, many families are considering getting Christmas cards made to spread holiday cheer to friends and family. However, recent trends have seen a shift toward the increasing popularity of New Year's cards versus the traditional Christmas cards that families have been creating for generations. Take a look at the following benefits that New Year cards have to offer.

Why Should I Consider Sending New Years Cards?

Having family photos made is often a highlight of the year for many families. It is a great way to celebrate the love you have created as a family unit and document the constant changes that your growing children undergo. What better way to share in the joy of the season than to send holiday cards with your latest photo on the front? With New Year’s Eve cards, you can send the same warm wishes to your loved ones while avoiding the hassle that Christmas Cards can sometimes bring. Read on to see more of the reasons to consider sending your cards a little later in the Holiday Season.

Stand Out from the Crowd & Allow Stress to Settle

Since the majority of families who choose to send holiday cards do so around Christmas time, sending cards throughout the month of January can help set you apart from the crowd. Additionally, the month of December is rather chaotic for most families. Constant coming and going combined with visiting family and friends leave little time for other activities. Any mail that is received during this time is more likely to become misplaced or ignored simply due to a busy schedule. Receiving a holiday card in January after the chaos of Christmas has passed can be a refreshing surprise that makes a great impression.

New Year’s Cards Allows Non-Traditional Families to Create a Unique Tradition

There are a growing number of families who choose not to celebrate Christmas for one reason or another. Whatever that reason is, these individuals often still desire to create warm memories and family traditions to honor their bond as a family unit. Sending New Year cards can allow these families to participate in a unique tradition that allows them to create loving memories to last them and their children a lifetime.

The Provide the Opportunity to Start the New Year Off Right

What better way could there be to wish your friends and family a happy New Year than to send a personalized greeting card with your family photo displayed on the front? For many people, January is a time to focus on new beginnings and gain a fresh perspective on their goals and dreams. Receiving a beautiful card from your family can be the breath of fresh air that loved ones need to get the New Year started off on the right foot.

The Benefits of Hiring our Family Photography Studio

A family photography studio such as Little Nest Portraits specializes in high-quality photographs you will be proud to display and send to your loved ones. With technologically-advanced photography equipment and our tips and tricks that create beautiful photos every time, we have your satisfaction in mind.

For our New Year's Eve shoots, we love to incorporate sparking lights, glitter, and glam into the backdrop, and encourage families to have fun with their photo shoot! Whether you want to wear sparkly accessories or color-coordinated outfits, our photographers can capture your family's unique magic.

If you’re in need of family photos this holiday season, contact Little Nest Portraits today. We look forward to helping you create lasting memories to cherish for many New Years’ to come!

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