Laura Novak Meyer

Little Nest Founder

Little Nest founder Laura Novak Meyer began her photography career at age 23 and met it with swift success. Her fresh sensibility and talent for putting clients at ease led to a successful business and ample recognition in the media and within the photography industry. But all of the success left her lacking and lonely. As much as she loved photographing clients, being a solo entrepreneur lacked a sense of community, and she longed for more frequent connection with those she had developed relationships with.

“Our success is a result of an incredible team made up of driven individuals who have a passion for empowering other women pursue their passion while honoring their desire for a deeper connection in their lives.” – Laura Novak

She also saw a missing element in the photography marketplace. Social photography was breaking new boundaries, thanks to real-time sharing via Pinterest, tumblr and Instagram. What started as career in offering high quality, modern, unique imagery, has now expanded into a variety of methods to develop community through photography.

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